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Pregnancy Yoga

Group Classes: £10.00 - Per Class (6 Class Block)
Pay on the day:
£12.00 Per Class
£8.00 Per Class
1-2-1 Session:
£25.00 per hour


Trained by Birthlight, our classes corporate long tested Classic Yoga practices to specifically benefit pregnant women and women in labour. The practice harmonises the body, mind, emotion and spirit as one, with the aim of enhancing the enjoyment of this special time and experience in a women's life and the start of her baby's life.

The yoga practice strengthens and tones the whole body, keeping one fit and healthy in pregnancy and prepared for labour. As well as working on a variety of yogic poses, breath, movement and contractions work together, enabling you to have the birth you desire. We cover birthing positions as well as pelvic floor exercises which is a 'must' in pregnancy and beyond. 

It is important to be aware of muscles, ligaments and joints that soften in pregnancy, due to the release of hormones and yoga helps to support the muscles and keep them well-toned.

Mummies to be, what are you waiting for? Book on our classes today...

The benefits of Pregnancy Yoga:

  • Ease of Movement:
    Practical sequences to integrate into daily life
    sound and spinal alignment
  • Ease and Depth of Breath:
    Discover the flows with rhythms of the breath in movement
    Expand breathing capacity for a healthy pregnancy
    Lengthen exhale for a light birth
  • Pelvic Awareness
    All movements come from the pelvis
    Mobilise and free full range of pelvic movements
    Awareness of Pelvic Floor muscles impacting on postural changes
    Toning pelvic floor muscles
  • Holistic Approach
    Breath and Movement to build connections between the front and the back of the body
    Attend to physical, emotional and spiritual needs
    Breath, Movement and Awareness as one
  • Remember the Babies:
    Pregnancy Yoga is for Mothers and Baby together
    The Mother's breath in the Baby's oxygen
    The Mother's rhythms rock the baby
    The Mother's voice provides sonic massage for the baby
    Prenatal Yoga provides a postnatal bond for mother and baby
  • Yogic understanding of physical emotional, mental and spiritual well-being:
    The 'Five' layers of bodies (physical, energetic, emotional, wisdom and bliss)
    Energy Flows: 'Vayu' Apana Vayu (downward energy) is important for birth.




Nutrafit Ltd. 40 Nelson Street, Leicester, LE1 7BA

Wednesday: 17.15 - 18.15

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Pricing & Packages

£10.00 Per Class
(6 Week Class block)

Pay on the Day

£8.00 Per Class Rollover

1-2-1 session: £25.00 per hour

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Amazsage Therapies exclusively serves women wanting to restore vitality and general well-being.
Specialises in offering holistic therapies and workshops to women undergoing Fertility,
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Treatments and workshops can be offered in the comfort of your own home (travel costs may apply)
as well as treatments and group workshops at a tranquil, relaxed venue.

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