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£20.00 - 45 Minutes (Individual Session)
£15.00 - 60 Minutes (Group/ Class)

Meditation is a state of consciousness in which people can go deep within themselves, focus the mind and eliminate outside influences to quieten the mind. There are lots of different meanings and techniques to meditation helping you to enhance your general wellbeing, examine the study of yourself, having a deeper appreciation of people around you and the environment.

The techniques of meditation can include:

Transcendental meditation which is a mantra of sound, syllable or words repeated over and over again to help promote relaxation and still the conscious mind.

Zen Meditation is a mental practice to go beyond the logic mind into deeper thought and freedom.

Vipassana Meditation encourages awareness to thoughts, feelings and perceptions. For example, questions like who am I?

Taoist Meditation involves meditating with energy through movement such as Qi Gong.

Finding the right technique to suit you is a very personal journey but with regular practice, you will experience the benefits. 

Meditation work can be enhanced with the use of Crystals, Colour therapy (chakras) and Moon Cycles.

Join in via Skype or at residence. Bring along a group of family or friends.
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Pricing & Packages

Individual session

£20 - 45 mins

Group session
(no more than 6-8 people
in one class)

£15 - 60-75 mins

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Amazsage Therapies exclusively serves women wanting to restore vitality and general well-being.
Specialises in offering holistic therapies and workshops to women undergoing Fertility,
Prenatal and Postnatal changes of Pregnancy in Birth and Beyond and Hormonal Changes of Puberty through to Menopause.

Treatments and workshops can be offered in the comfort of your own home (travel costs may apply)
as well as treatments and group workshops at a tranquil, relaxed venue.

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